Protect Your Investment When You Protect Your Rims

If you have a car that you love and want to take the utmost care of, then consider adding rim protection to your rims to keep them looking brand new. Rims can easily be scratched and show natural wear and tear. When you use RimSkins your rims are protected from curb damage. Originally RimSkins were invented 30 years ago by a motor mechanic that wanted to keep his vehicle in great shape. One of his rims was damaged which caused him to create a type of protection that not only covered the damage; it made his rims look spectacular. Without trying, he had created wheel rim protection. Today the same wheel rim protector is available at an affordable cost and with many improvements. The newer version simply out-performs the older version and gives your car wheel rims a look that is sleek and attractive.

Stop Curb Damage with Alloy Wheel Rim Protectors

Our team at RimSkins is ready to meet your 2 alloy wheel protector requirements. We have created and designed a wheel rim protection product that actually protects your wheels while giving you the option to customize the look of your rims. Our rim skins are made from a two-polymer product that is a combination of two rubbers that give a perfect balance of longevity and protection. Simply apply the rim skin to the outside of rims and it acts as a barrier between expensive rims and curbs. The adhesive used is automotive grade and was created to handle low impact speeds that acts as a sacrificial product that takes the damage of a scrape and keeps your rims protected.

Wheel Rim Protectors Offer You the Following Advantages

  • Wheel Rim Protectors Guard Your Wheels
  • Installation is Quick and Simple
  • Hides Existing Damage and Acts as Wheel Protectors
  • Create Custom Wheel Rims When You Conveniently Place an Order Online
  • Choose from Various Colors to Match Your Car

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